February 28, 2003

Friday Five 2003 02 28

Here is my Friday Five for today...

1. What is your favorite type of literature to read (magazine, newspaper, novels, nonfiction, poetry, etc.)? - Fiction, mostly Science Fiction, although I've been reading a fair bit of fantasy since I met my wife.

2. What is your favorite novel? - I've read The Chrysalids by John Wyndham at least 8 times, the first time being when I was 10. An extremely underrated novelist, who died before his time.

3. Do you have a favorite poem? (Share it!) - "There once was a..." no, wait. That's not it. No, no favorites. At least, not that I can think of...

4. What is one thing you've always wanted to read, or wish you had more time to read? - I wish I had more time to read. Period. When I was a teen and twenty-something, I read, on average, a book a day. Now? I'm lucky if I read a book every two weeks.

5. What are you currently reading? - On Dangerous Ground by Jack Higgins. Borrowed from my father-in-law.

February 25, 2003

This-or-that 2003 02 25

My This-or-that for today:

1. Holland or Netherlands? - Netherlands.
2. Emu or Ostrich? - Emu. No particular reason.
3. Biff or Happy? - Happy.
4. Quincy or Braintree? - Quincy.
5. Cassius Clay or Muhammad Ali? - Muhammad Ali
6. Instanbul or Constantinople? - Istanbul.
7. Pig or Swine? - depends: has he been despicable? or merely disgusting?
8. Barf or Puke? - puke.
9. Potatoes or Spuds? - mostly potatoes.
10. Squeeze Box or Accordion? - accordion... but not where I can hear it, please...

February 22, 2003

Chicago Tunnel Company

I found this site about the little-known and long closed Chicago Tunnel Company. It seems a company ran a small railway under the city of Chicago, moving freight and refuse for some 50 years, from 1908 to 1959. The tunnels are still there, but in terrible shape. This site details much of the history of the tunnels and the company, and is illustrated with great vintage photographs, and some taken by the author on an excursion into the tunnels.

I found this on BrianKaneOnline.

February 20, 2003

February 19, 2003

This or That Tuesday (a day late) 2003 02 18

Here's my newest This-or-That, a day late:

1. Black or white? - yes
2. Plaid or stripes? - stripes
3. Paperback or hardcover books? - hardcover
4. Color or B&W printer? - color
5. Golden oldies or the newest tunes? Moldy Oldies
6. Ice cream: in a cone or a dish? - in a cone
7. Bath or shower? - shower. Don't remember the last time I had an actual bath
8. Are you outgoing or shy? - outgoing
9. Answer the phone when it rings, or screen calls? - screen. Don't talk to telemarketers.
10. VCR or TiVO? - VCR

February 14, 2003

To my wife...

I don't say it enough. I hope you know it.

I love you.

Happy Valentine's Day

Your devoted husband...

Friday Five 2003 02 14

Today's Friday Five:

1. Explain why you started to journal/blog. - My wife started one (hers is actually interesting), and I thought, "why not?"

2. Do people you interact with day to day or family members know about your journal/blog? Why or why not? - My wife and some of my friends know about it. Sometimes, they even read it.

3. Do you have a theme for your journal/blog? - No. It's a bunch of random topics and some interesting (I think) links. Occasionally, I even put down some of my thoughts.

4. What direction would you like to have your journal/blog go in over the next year? - North. Ok, the real answer is - get a bit more comfortable with the idea of putting my innermost thoughts on virtual paper for others to read.

5. Pimp five of your favorite journals/blogs. - http://www.godels.com/waiting/, http://staticred.net/speakeasy/, http://chris.pirillo.com/, http://www.spamula.net/blog/, http://patiopundit.com/

February 11, 2003

This or That Tuesday 2003 02 11

My This or That for this week

1. Bacon or sausage? - sausage
2. Eggs: scrambled or not? - scrambled for the family, sunny side up if we eat out.
3. French toast or regular toast? - regular toast.
4. Pancakes or waffles? - pancakes.
5. Muffins or bagels? - bagels, toasted with a bit of butter.
6. Coffee or tea? - definitely **coffee**. Tea is for later in the day.
7. Juice: orange or grapefruit? - orange juice.
8. Hot or cold cereal? - usually oatmeal. Hot.
9. To put in cereal: bananas or strawberries (or some other fruit)? - I put raisins in the oatmeal, does that count?
10. Eat breakfast at home or at a restaurant? - at home. Remember last week? We don't eat out...:)

February 08, 2003

Misteraitch and the Giornale Nuovo

Tonight I discovered this outstanding online journal: Giornale Nuovo. Very impressive. You'll notice it in my Blogroll, on the right side of the page...

February 07, 2003

Friday Five, the First

My first Friday Five entry...

1. What did you have for breakfast this morning? If you didn't have breakfast, why not?
Breakfast? Forgot. But if I'd had breakfast, it would have been Cinnamon Raisin Brown Sugar Oatmeal.

2. What's your favorite cereal?
Cinnamon Raisin Brown Sugar Oatmeal (ok, it's plain Quaker Quick Oats with lots of yummy stuff added:)

3. How often do you eat out? Do you want that to change?
Rarely. Yes. Very much so.

4. What do you plan on having for dinner tonight? Got a recipe for that?
Tonight? the other frozen pizza from our splurge yesterday.

5. What's your favorite restaurant? Why?
We don't eat out, remember?

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February 06, 2003

And I thought...

I thought I'd be a limerick or something...

WARNING: Pop-Up Hell...

I am the sonnet, never quickly thrilled;
Not prone to overstated gushing praise
Nor yet to seething rants and anger, filled
With overstretched opinions to rephrase;
But on the other hand, not fond of fools,
And thus, not fond of people, on the whole;
And holding to the sound and useful rules,
Not those that seek unjustified control.
I'm balanced, measured, sensible (at least,
I think I am, and usually I'm right);
And when more ostentatious types have ceased,
I'm still around, and doing, still, alright.
In short, I'm calm and rational and stable -
Or, well, I am, as much as I am able.
What Poetry Form Are You?

February 04, 2003

This or That Tuesday...

This is my first crack at a This or That Tuesday... here goes...

1. Morning or night person? - no question. Night Owl since as long as I can remember.
2. Heavy or light sleeper? - as a child, incredibly heavy sleeper. Now? Moderate-to-light, I think.
3. Remember your dreams or not? - as a kid, usually. Now, not often.
4. Do you need a lot of sleep, or just a little? - I function quite nicely on 5 hours a night - with an occasional 12 hour sleep to reset my clock.
5. Do you need something like a nightlight or TV to sleep, or do you prefer complete darkness? - the darker the better, thanks.
6. Flannel sheets or some other kind? - whatever is on the bed, thanks.
7. One pillow, or more? - one relatively thick pillow, or 2 thin pillows.
8. Bedroom door opened or closed at night? - door open, thanks... the better to hear our three-year-old. Not to mention that the cat would scratch the @#%$@$#$ out of the door if we were to close it! :)
9. Wrap yourself into blankets like a cocoon, or just cover yourself with them? - depends on how cold the room is.
10. Alarm clock: wake to music or buzzer? - music & buzzer, repeatedly. I'm a Night Owl, remember?

February 03, 2003


Just heard from Kevin - the client has, due to undisclosed circumstances, had to put off the decision until February 17th. This, of course, is yet another example of how large corporations don't give a crap about employees or - even more so - contractors. Gosh! Have to wait an extra few weeks before you get income? Too bad! But we expect you'll be there when we finally get around to making a decision, right? You won't go get something else in the meantime, right?

I'm sick of this - employers don't care. And they wonder why employees don't feel any loyalty to them anymore...

February 02, 2003

The world mourns...

STS-107 - We will remember Columbia. We were stunned when we heard the news this morning. As many of you did, we watched CNN's coverage of the tragedy. Even though we knew that something like this could happen, and probably would at some point - it came as a shock. We mourn the loss of the astronauts. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families and friends.

a new version of Windows...

It's available now! It's WindowsRG, and it's worth checking out, folks!

Note: this has sounds...

Thanks to zackhale.com for this one.