November 07, 2005


Audrey is now, at 18 months, very verbal and very assertive. She'll point to a nearby surface, even one that isn't quite big enough, and say "sidown!" She'll be quite adamant, and insist that you must "sidown" on that spot.

The other day she came up to me, hugged me, and said "Daddy, bye bye!" It was a bit early to go to work, so I said "Not yet, sweetie!". She wandered away, and came back carrying my shoes. "Sidown, Daddy! Sidown!" she said, pointing to the floor. I sat down, and she gave me my shoes. "Now, Daddy." I said no, it's too early, but she insisted, and kept trying to put my shoes on me. Once I had my shoes on, she was content to snuggle with me until it was time to leave.

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