November 28, 2008

Almost there!

The deadline is coming closer! Need to have 50,000 words or more by midnight on November 30th. Three days left, including today.

I'm now at 32,584. I need to write about 5,045 words a day today, tomorrow and Sunday. Think I can do it? Well, I wrote 5980 words yesterday, so yes, I can :)

Carmen is sitting at 36,476, so I'm not far behind. We can both do it!

Note to self: need to buy more coffee.

Favorite moment so far this NaNoWriMo? The following conversation occurred after a Word War:

[2008/11/19 22:50] Squiddy Geiger: I may ahve sleep-typed part of taht
[2008/11/19 22:50] Sicily Heartsdale: good for actually falling asleep well writing a sentece
[2008/11/19 22:50] Chex Ansar: Ooooo, sleep typing
[2008/11/19 22:50] Squiddy Geiger: at one point I caught myself typing "as I fled the rushing floodwaters"
[2008/11/19 22:51] Squiddy Geiger: umm... there's no flood in my story.
[2008/11/19 22:51] Sicily Heartsdale: *cracks up laughing*

November 01, 2008

Yes, it's that time again

I have once again embarked upon the madness known as NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) - during the month of November I shall endeavour to write a Novel. The goal is to write 50,000 words or more. Why 50,000? because that's the generally accepted minimum length to be considered a novel.

Visit for more information. And now, I'll go consume Mass Quantities and spew (hopefully) mass quantities of verbiage. Wish me luck!

Oh yes - you can see my progress in the header at the top of the main page, and compare it to my friend and fellow NaNo addict, Carmen.