October 04, 2012

Feather - October 04, 2012

[note: this was written during a writing exercise: we had 20 minutes to write something inspired by the word "feather". This is the result, unedited, exactly as it appeared when time ran out. You can read all of them in the waves category]]

Feather- Squiddy Geiger - October 04, 2012

Fluff and feather, feather and fluff
It's all so delightful, wonderful stuff
The world is filled with living wonder
Must be protected from deadly plunder

Small and helpless, helpless and small
So few have seen very many at all
Hiding themselves away, you see
Afraid of the world of you and me

Those that had no fear, it seems
Are now found only in dreams
Some so few they shan't survive
Others with luck we will revive

Too few the people striving to save
Our wild heritage on land and wave
We can but fight to save a few
The world's diversity wasted in stew

Scale and skin, skin and scale
In some markets, it's all on sale
Protected by "science" in the east
They'd rather eat than watch the beast

Feather and fluff, fluff and feather
Our world's endangered, can they weather
Pressure and challenges from progress
Should we value them any less?