September 29, 2008

Update for September 2008

I am here. I'm ashamed of leaving such a long time between entries. Here's a quick update:

Finally back with a previous employer after two years of floundering. Yay! Different department than before, and much much better than before. I'm enjoying my job, and the people I work with are great, too.

Kids are fantastic! Alexander is in Grade Three now, and doing very well, and Audrey is still going to the day home she's been in for the last three years. Brenda, the woman who runs the day home, is fantastic and Audrey loves it there.

Other than work and the kids, I hang out with friends, and am enjoying getting things back on track. Feel free to email me or phone me, those who have the number :)

And yes, one of these days (maybe now?) I will start regular updates.

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