July 09, 2012

Control - July 09, 2012

[note: this was written during a writing exercise: we had 20 minutes to write something inspired by the word "control". This is the result, unedited, exactly as it appeared when time ran out. You can read all of them in the waves category]]

Control - Squiddy Geiger - July 09, 2012

Watch the clock, gauge the time,
Wonder if you'll survive till then
Work like crazy, get things done
Troop outside to smoke at ten?

No, not today for I have quit
I found the strength at last
I took control over my habit
What's this? my resolve, ebbing fast!

I sit up straight, in a cold sweat
Wondering what I'm going to do
My body shaking, covers wet
And realize none of it is true

For you see, my dear friends
It was one of those very odd dreams
I'm not quitting, the dream ends
I've never smoked, by any means

Well, ok, sure, I've smoked, it's true
But not the evil known as tobacco
And that's all I'll say, nothing more
Else the feds might show up at my door

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