July 11, 2012

Slither - July 11, 2012

[note: this was written during a writing exercise: we had 20 minutes to write something inspired by the word "slither". This is the result, unedited, exactly as it appeared when time ran out. You can read all of them in the waves category]]

Slither - Squiddy Geiger - July 11, 2012

Sinuous, silent and sleek
It glides through the blades
Without apparent effort
Sliding, it appears then it fades

Its muscles expand and contract
As it powers itself through and around
Sometimes it is high up above
Often it is close to the ground

Mysterious and frightening
Star of legends, rarely good
Villain of ancient myths
Maligned and misunderstood

It slithers, cold blooded
Its motives often suspect
Of course it can represent danger
But not if you pay it respect

Sinuous, silent and sleek
It slithers forward through the grass
Pay attention, you foolish intruder
Or get bitten hard on the ass

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