July 25, 2012

Torn - July 25, 2012

[note: this was written during a writing exercise: we had 20 minutes to write something inspired by the word "Torn". This is the result, unedited, exactly as it appeared when time ran out. You can read all of them in the waves category]]

Torn- Squiddy Geiger - July 25, 2012

As he sits     in his house
Wondering    what he has done
To be torn    from his life
And left so    completely
Alone and    depressed
Hoping he    might
Still have    a chance to
Recover    his dignity
Rebuild    his career
Win back    his family
Wishing    forgiveness
Of friends    and coworkers
His lonely    vigil at the
Window    a taste,
Perhaps    how his
Future    will unfold
Bottle    to lips as he
Salutes    the future
Bleak     but it is his
to own

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