September 08, 2012

Imaginary - September 08, 2012

[note: this was written during a writing exercise: we had 20 minutes to write something inspired by the word "imaginary". This is the result, unedited, exactly as it appeared when time ran out. You can read all of them in the waves category]]

Imaginary- Squiddy Geiger - September 08, 2012

The image was dark, but he could almost make it out. Maybe. he wasn't sure. He peered at it, but just couldn't tell with any certainty. Another failure in his Project. But dammit, he was going to prove the little bastards were real, one way or another.

The Project was several years old now and had cost him a fortune in specialized equipment, but so far, nothing. He'd seen the Pixies, he'd chased them, he was once even bitten by one, but none of his special equipment could photograph or record them. And they mocked him for it, taunting him incessantly. But he'd show them.

As he looked at the last picture from the night before, he blinked. Was that..? It was, oh my fucking god, it was! He stared at it. A Pixie, Mistylight, maybe, he wasn't sure. Yes, it was Mistylight, there was no doubt. He sat back, and laughed. He had them now, proof of Pixies.

He'd be famous and they'd be exposed. And he'd have his revenge on them for all that they'd done ot him over the years. So much damage, so much cost, so many failed dreams. He didn't know why they hated him, but they did, they taunted him, tormented him. Well that would end now.

He returned to the computer, ready to hunt for more proof - one little pic that was hard to see, that wouldn't do, but now he knew he was on the right track. He had the right technology, perfect for the job. As he prepared his equipment, he felt a tapping on his shoulder. He jumped and turned to see Mistylight floating at eye level. he reached for her but missed, not surprisingly.

As he chased her, he became aware of more Pixies. Hundreds of them appeared, filling his den. They moved in slowly, until there was nothing to be seen of him under the layer of Pixies. He screamed and fell silent. Several of the Pixies flew to the mouse and moved it, one of them jumping on the delete key, another jumping on Enter to accept the deletion. The other Pixies removed all evidence of the body.

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