October 22, 2003

Wednesday Whatever 2003 10 22

Wednesday Whatevers for today:

  1. What is your favorite day of the year and why? - that would have to be Halloween. I mean, when else can you be someone or something you're not, and see a whole bunch of other people being someone or something they're not, without serious conflict? Other than those weird acting folk, of course.

  2. Do you get caught up with the holiday spirit? Why/why not? - I do eventually, but it takes a long time. I get very annoyed with people who start obsessing about Christmas early. Not as angry as I do with companies that start advertising Christmas fare before Thanksgiving (in Canada? 2nd Monday in October). I boycotted one of my regular coffee and muffin places because he started playing Christmas Music in October. I told him I wouldn't be back as long as it was more than a month before Christmas, and he was blaring Christmas music across the mall. With all this early Christmas stuff, I get sick of the Season before December!

  3. Who is overrated? - Hmmmm... any of the current "Pop Divas". Britney? Ewww! Celine? STFU! Retire already, and raise your kid! Leave us alone! And many of their imitators, hoping that musically-challenged idiots the world over will buy their crappy music, too. And so you don't think I'm being unfair: I hate Boy Bands (and their solo efforts), too. Yecch!

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