October 27, 2002

Carpentry 101

What did we learn today?

We learned that shelving made of hollow wood does not cut as well as solid wood!

What else did we learn? Power Tools are Fun! (actually, I already knew that, but...)

We also learned that cats do not like power tools. Even when they're in another room. Skitz may be middle aged, but he can still *MOOOOVE* when he wants to! Wow!

So - yesterday we went to Ikea and bought 3 wooden toyboxes for Alexander, which Alexander "helped" me put together. He loves to help, and hammering screws with a toy wooden mallet is almost more help than I can handle! He's cute, so what can we do? :)

The aforementioned shelves got trimmed today, so we can finally return the borrowed saw, and when we get back from Grandma and Boppa's house, we'll install them in the office. About time, too... but I have nobody to blame for the delay but myself. Yet again. *sigh*

October 10, 2002

Now, it's personal!

October 08, 2002

SquidBlog Lives!!

Yes, as amazing as this may seem, the SquidBlog is here!

Why would you care? I don't know... but... you do.

Test the Additional Entry portion...

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