November 08, 2002

Water, part 2

The water tank was replaced no problem. On Monday, Mike the Maintenance Guy came back to finish up the install. He also fixed up a couple of little things around the house that have been bugging me.

I pointed out the big bulge in the linoleum in the kitchen - a couple inches wide and four feet long, where the lino has obviously come unglued. He said he'd talk to the office, but suggested I call as well, which I did.

Tuesday afternoon, when I hadn't heard anything, I called again. Jacquie said the company's maintenance supervisor would be by on Wednesday after 1pm to inspect the damage, but would phone first.

Wednesday comes and goes, no call, no maintenance supervisor. Thursday at 3pm, Jacquie calls again to apologize, and says Dana, the maintenance supervisor, will call me to arrange a time for him to come by. At 4:30pm, he calls, and we arrange for him to come by between 1 and 2pm today. I'll keep you posted...

November 02, 2002

OK, we're cursed. We must

OK, we're cursed. We must be. Or maybe this place is, I don't know which.

I took my shower, then got Alexander dressed, and we went downstairs while Karen had a shower. I got downstairs and heard an odd noise from the kitchen. It sounded kinda like the white noise static crap that the baby monitor makes when the transmitter is turned off, only not as harsh. I walked into the kitchen to investigate, and into a half-inch of water!

Yep. The water heater got too old and decrepit to go on, and sprung a leak, about a foot from the top. I shut off the main valve, and called the office. Mike the Maintenance Guy came right away. He started draining the tank, and bypassed it so we at least have cold water (did you know that washing your hands in winter-cold water is *invigorating*?) and has gone off to find a new tank. He assured us it will be done today. Thank goodness for uneven floors - the water went into the kitchen, and *not* into the office. Karen and Alexander have gone off with Grandma and Boppa, and I'll catch up with them later, I hope...