December 25, 2003

December 18, 2003

Number Two

I hereby break my rather lengthy silence to announce:

We are expecting our second child, late April or early May! We're very excited, especially our son, who will be 4 in March: he keeps shoving his face in my wife's belly and talking to the baby through her bellybutton!

Everything is going well, apart from morning sickness - more than she'd hoped, but less than last time. She's had a couple of ultrasounds now, and the baby is doing great, no signs of any problems, so a good deal of tension has been lifted.

The ultrasound tech on Tuesday also told us, with an "I can't be 100% certain", that she thinks it's a girl... wow! This is going to be very different for us, after Alexander!

Did I mention that we're all very excited?

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